Love what you do – be the best you can

We’ve made a big commitment to developing as a learning organisation. Building the skills and knowledge of the team is key to delivering the best possible support to the county’s vulnerable children.

It’s also vital to making Gloucestershire a place where you can enjoy your job, and take pride in what you do. We’re passionate about providing a rewarding and stimulating career pathway, wherever you are in your career when you join us.

You’ll receive monthly 1-2-1 supervision plus group supervision, focused upon reflection, resilience and support and moving forward. We ensure you always have direct support and assistance from colleagues and managers when you need it.

You’ll have your own personalised training programme, to develop your skills and knowledge base, whatever your level of experience. For details of our 2015/2016 Training programme click here.

We use the leading organisations, Research in Practice and CC Inform to give you access to the latest evidence and insight and ensure you’re always in touch with current ideas and thinking.
We have a team of inspiring and highly experienced Principal Social Workers who have played a central role in reshaping our approach to Learning & Development and establishing our career pathways. Working across the service, they are driving practice improvement and learning.

We draw on the College of Social Work’s Professional Capabilities framework to guide the way we holistically assess and develop your competencies. You can see the framework illustrated here.

We’ve focused on creating a structured career pathway to ensure you feel valued, and will enable you to progress with us throughout your social work career. Every step from the ASYE programme to leadership coaching has been carefully planned and crafted. View our Career Pathways Journey here.

We have a strong working partnership with the University of Gloucestershire that’s enriched our Learning & Development activities and helped us embed a culture of learning within our social work practice. We are very excited to be working together to create our very own Gloucestershire Social Work Academy which will benefit all of our Social workers.

We provide a supported year for all Newly Qualified Social Workers which includes individual and group reflective supervision, a protected caseload and regular training opportunities.