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Employee behaviours

The seven employee behaviours required to support the council’s values are


  • Challenges and questions what we do and how we do it.
  • Displays levels of apathy and indifference
  • Does not take ownership for area of responsibility
  • Does not suggest improvements to processes and practices


 Works flexibly

  • Works flexibly, efficiently and effectively, reducing costs and eliminating waste.
  • Some disregard for efficiency
  • Does not work constructively with changing working environment


Team Worker

  • Works with team members, partners and stakeholders to deliver services together.
  • Resistant to working as part of team
  • Disassociation with colleagues



  • Resilient and deals positively with change
  • Obstructive to change
  • Does not deal with change constructively


Provides quality

  • Provides quality within resources available.
  • Works in the best interests of GCC and members of the public.
  • Substandard outputs sometimes produced and quality is compromised.
  • Settles for outputs that are sometimes inferior.


Takes ownership

Takes responsibility for own work area and development and works in the best interests of GCC, and the community.

  • Does not always take responsibility and accountability for their area.
  • Does not tend to ’own‘issues within their control through to resolution.


Engaged in the organisation’s goals

  • Understands the context of their environment, makes it their business to understand organisational changes.
  • Does not seek to understand the wider context of their area or any changes.

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